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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stories Connect Us (part 2)

Setting in a story is all about creating context, and it's our first chance to connect with people. If you are using images when you present think about the setting you're creating with those first few pictures you project. Pictures that are a close up of one thing lack setting. They don't provide any context for why we should care. It would be the same if my story was: "The hammer hit the nail." There's no context. Why should I care about the hammer or the nail?

The image here carries a wealth of context. This is a great image to quickly convey the concept of "tropical paradise." It probably wouldn't be the best image to use when discussing the problem of homelessness in Hawaii, however. This setting will probably prevent most people from feeling any sympathy for someone who's homeless there.

What images and descriptions will give your audience the ability to connect with your story?

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