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Friday, January 28, 2011

iPad Presentations on the Prezi

It seems there is a convergence in the Force. I've discussed the potential for the iPad in preaching/presenting, and I've talked about Prezi as presentation platform to rival (or best) PowerPoint. Now they are coming together with the Prezi app for iPad.

Prezi provides a non-linear presentation platform with all sorts of zooms and pans across one, big canvas. The iPad provides a one-to-one presentation experience on an interactive screen. The pairing is beautiful in concept. In my testing, Prezi seems ideally suited to presentation that will flow differently depending on the audience interaction and participation. The iPad gives you the intimate presentation setting where that interaction is most tangible and natural. The iPad app does not have any sort of video output functionality, so you're stuck presenting to the people at the table with you (which isn't necessarily a bad thing).

How would you use Prezi on an iPad?

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