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Monday, September 28, 2009

Is that Deductable?

A recent post over at the Slides that Stick blog they look at whether or not a presentation should be inductive or deductive.

Traditional rhetorical theory states that a presenter should begin with the general point and then lead the audience through the process of deducing the details from the general principle. Should we always keep the point of the presentation in front of people? That is what Aristotle would say. I think Aristotle is wrong. At least for audiences today.

By using inductive structure to our sermons we invite the church to understand the scriptures with us. In a post modern, post Christian world we're not the experts anymore. We are collaborators in understanding scripture together.

Using images that require some thought to connect are a good way to encourage the audience to induce with you. Allow space for them to think along with you. Leave dots unconnected.

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