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Monday, September 07, 2009

PowerPoint Sermon Tutorial Part #1

This week I'm going to focus on writing a tutorial on how to craft a sermon using PowerPoint. I would love to hear some feedback on what you want and need here. I will continue to flesh out this work as I learn more about the art of visual preaching.

Step #1 - Start with the Text.

I can't emphasize enough that good preaching must be biblical preaching and that biblical preaching must start with the text of Scripture. Visuals will come later, you must start with the text.

If you start with an image or a movie clip, there is a real danger that you will be tempted to massage the text to get it to fit your illustration. May that never be! Start with the text and let the text lead to your visualization.

For me, I like to start every day with a reading and study of the text for that week. As I go through the week, the text is on my mind. Then my conversations and thoughts are filtered through the text. I try to start conversations about aspects of the text. Facebook is great for this - I pose questions that I think relate to the text and my friends tear them apart. I've gotten some great illustrations this way that I never would have considered on my own.

I've also thrown away some illustrations through this process. One time I thought that the movie "King Ralph" would be a great illustration. But when I talked about it, no one remembered it. That would stink in a sermon. I was able to bail on that illustration and do something different.

Starting with the text and engaging in conversations with people about the text will lead to illustrations that are grounded in the word and connect with people.

How do you begin your sermon prep?

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