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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Toward a Theology of PowerPoint #6

This isn't the car we saw, but we did see a car with a tree growing out of it. I thought it was a beautiful image of juxtaposition between the natural world and technology. There is just something so expressive about the visual of a tree growing out of a car. It's unexpected, unplanned, and unusual, but it is also very natural. It takes our brains a moment to resolve the dissonance of such a picture. We are put out of the realm of the familiar and comfortable; we are forced to consider an unexpected answer.

Jesus was all about the unexpected. He told stories that had surprise twists at the end (way better than M. Night Shamalayn). One of the visuals that Jesus used was when he pointed out the poor woman giving her two small coins (Luke 21). The context is one in which the disciples are commenting about the grandeur of the temple and sitting with Jesus. He tells them that the temple will be destroyed and then gets them to focus on a poor widow. The juxtaposition of this poor woman in front of the glittering temple was shocking. But Jesus saw the true beauty in the sacrificial gift of this ragged woman rather than the architectural masterpiece of Herod.

How can you bring dissonance to light through visuals?

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