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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

PowerPoint tips and tricks #4 (Keynote Edition)

I have focused my tips, thus far, on the Microsoft program: PowerPoint because I am most familiar with it. In the interest of fairness I want to look a Keynote - the presentation software for the Mac platform.

This article at Macworld compares the two in a very fair way (I believe). The conclusion:
PowerPoint has caught up to Keynote in many areas and surpassed it in some. But Keynote’s workflow and overall feature set remain superior. Practically speaking, your choice of software probably depends more on the hardware you’ll be using to deliver your presentation (and the software installed on it) than on the features of your authoring program. For that reason, unless Apple releases a Keynote player application for Windows, which isn’t likely, PowerPoint may be a more sensible choice for many speakers.
Forbes points out that Keynote follows the Mac creedo by being easy to use and good looking. Saying that: "The novice presenter will easily produce the more stunning-looking slideshow using Keynote." However, if you are going to have to run your presentation on a Windows machine you will run into problems. "Keynote's big drawbacks are huge in a business market dominated by PowerPoint running on Wintel machines."

For our audience I will make this recommendation: if you are running entirely on Macs then use Keynote and/or ProPresenter - it will be easier and look better. If you are already set up with Windows machines and especially if the computer that will be projecting the presentation is a Windows machine, you will save yourself a lot of time and effort by just learning PowerPoint.

What do you use?

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