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Friday, September 11, 2009

PowerPoint Sermon Tutorial Part #4

The final thing to think about in preparing a PowerPoint sermon is to prepare. Prepare your brains out. Prepare some more after that. There are few things that will derail a presentation faster than being unprepared.

Have I given presentations unprepared? Yup, you betcha. That's how I know it's such a bad idea.

Now, I can almost hear the objections being shouted. "If I have to spend all this time working on my PowerPoint and then preparing with it, I won't have time for all the other ministry tasks on my plate." You know, that might be true . . . if you were do jump into the deep end right away. That's why I think it's a good strategy to start adding visuals into your preaching slowly. Maybe only do one slide for this week's sermon - use it to illustrate a point and then get it off the screen. You can prepare one slide can't you? Get comfortable with one and then go to two. Then move on from there (and there's not too far to go - in a typical 30 minute sermon there should be no more than about 6 slides and usually 3 will do fine).

Practice your sermon with the visuals. Practice how you are going to click through the slides (will you do it or will someone in the booth do it?). If you are going to have help, let them know the key words that will indicate when to change slides. If you are going to click through, make sure that you can do it naturally without pausing in your preaching.

All of this is from my experience (i.e. mistakes), so hopefully you can learn from my blunders.

Good luck out there!

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