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Friday, October 29, 2010


Having a vision for the future can make a huge difference in everything you do. Right now we are working toward building an intentional community in downtown Vancouver. We're partnering with another family and a single woman to have a home of hospitality and peace in this neighborhood. Our goal is for this to be a place where authentic discipleship can be seen and experienced by the people in this neighborhood. To that end we're wanting to be open to people showing up at any time, connected to the causes and events that unite this community, and transparent about our faith experiences (both the joys and the struggles).

Preaching is an important part of a faith community for encouragement and learning, but continuing to preach to the choir isn't doing much to expand the influence of the kingdom of God into the lives of people. Preaching must partner with outreach and evangelism in order to be effective.

How do you mix your preaching with outreach? What works in your context?

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