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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Xmarks is at the End of the Road

Popular bookmark syncing service Xmarks is closing down at the beginning of 2011. They built a service that is invaluable to me - the ability to have all of my browser bookmarks synced across different computers, browsers, and operating systems. The last time I had to restore a computer it was a simple process to take all of my preferences with me.

There are similar services included in Mozilla's Firefox browser and in Google's Chrome browser as well as with such websites as Delicious.

The thing about Xmarks is that they spent years building a market and a customer base by offering a free, high-quality service. Now they are out of the market because giants like Google and Mozilla are offering the same thing.

So, if you use Xmarks, it's time to migrate to another solution. Don't lose all of those great image sites you bookmarked.

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