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Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Boomers and Social Media

Art Rainer recently published the results of a study on how Baby Boomers use social media.

Two-thirds of boomers with internet access do not participate in social media at all and the highest participation is on Facebook, which claims 31% usage among this crowd. Over four-fifths of boomers have internet access, but they still have a preference to access information in a print format. And, the vast majority of boomers' time online is spent communicating with family.

Just a few thoughts:
You can still reach a significant chunk of boomers by being on Facebook. If millenials don't use Twitter and boomers don't use twitter, that basically leaves GenXers as the prime slice of Twitterers. When it comes to ministry, the personal touch still works best - print out the bulletin for your boomers.

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