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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Social Media and Ministry (part 2)

Ron Edmondson recently posted "7 Reasons You Need Social Media as a Christian Leader" which is a great read. One of the points he brings up is that using social media is more efficient than traditional methods of contacting people:
Wise use of time. People think the opposite is true, but the reality is that social media makes me more effective. I have a heart to influence people for good. As pastor of a large church I’m expected to minister to large groups of people. Social media allows me to make a difference more efficiently.
What do you think about that? Is updating Facebook a better use of time than calling the members of the church?

In other news, I've been thinking about adding Facebook Connect to this blog to cross promote my different social media voices. Have you done this? What do you think?


Josh Burns said...

good thoughts on social media in ministry. I enjoyed that blog post from Ron Edmonson as well. I think it is a good use of time, and is a good way to connect with people.

James Wood said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Josh. I'm wondering how evangelism looks via social media. Any thoughts?