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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why No One is Reading Your Newsletter (Bulletin Article, Sermon Notes, etc.)

The Copy Blogger Blog (say that five times fast) shares some hard-hitting critique about why people aren't reading what you're writing. They're specifically talking about newsletters (which many ministers write), but this applies as well to blogs, bulletin articles, and sermon notes.

They share five points:
1. Your newsletter isn't helpful.
Don't just tell people what you want them to know, share what they need to hear.
2. Your voice isn't compelling.
Let your passion and your personality come through in the words you share.
3. You're not telling stories.
People connect with stories and they will feel connected to you if you share stories with them.
4. You have a half-hearted call to action.
I think we're afraid of offending people with a clear, passionate call to action.
5. You don't have a specific frequency.
Consistency builds trust.

Truth be told, I think the first four points could apply equally well to sermons that we preach. Whether it's a newsletter you're writing or a sermon you're preaching, there's a reason people are or are not paying attention.

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