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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Myth of the Internet Generation (part 1)

German publication, Spiegel Online, reports about the a recent study of the internet generation, those who have lived their whole lives with the internet. The findings are somewhat shocking when compared to the expectations of some people.

Futurists predict based on trajectory; they see the current state of the world and project into the future what will be the result. It's similar to predicting profits for next year based on a company's performance this year. The problem is that we've never seen a generation like this. Predictions may be out the window.

"Young people have now reached this turning point. The Internet is no longer something they are willing to waste time thinking about. It seems that the excitement about cyberspace was a phenomenon peculiar to their predecessors, the technology-obsessed first generation of Web users."
It's similar to obsession with any technology that has come into one's life - seeing the dawn of television, or cell phones, makes the technology that much more amazing, but when they are part of the fabric of existence, they become as commonplace as the last greatest thing . . . sliced bread.

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