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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Where We've Come From

Newsweek recently posted a graphic that shows some significant changes in the past ten years (and some not so significant changes). In 2000 there were 12,000 blogs but today there are 141 million. Google searches have jumped from 100 million to 2 billion per day. Time spent online has climbed from 2.7 to 18 hours a week. Number of text messages has gone from 400,000 to 4.5 billion. Daily newspapers and CD revenue have declined significantly, however.

The point is that change is upon us. The transformation in the way we use and interact with technology is progressing at a pace unseen in the course of human history. In order to preach well, we need to be masters of an ancient text written in dead languages in a foreign culture and be able to communicate to a generation that is comfortable texting, chatting, emailing, watching tv, and listening to music - at the same time. No one said this job would be easy.

The answer isn't just using technology. You can't just start a church web site or facebook page and be successful. You need to understand the new language of technology. It's very similar to learning Greek to translate the New Testament - in order to really get the sense of the meaning you need to understand the culture as well. Spend time learning about this new world, this new language of technology so you can speak the eternal message of the Good News.

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