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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Billy Did Good

It wasn't too long ago that Bill Gates was known as a terrible presenter. But something has changed. He retired from Microsoft, so he probably has some more time on his hands. He's now focusing his energy on philanthropic efforts, so maybe he has more passion behind what he's saying. But whatever the reason, Bill is better.

The presentation below is one that he gave recently at this year's TED conference, and it blows away all of his previous stuff. Now it's not some slick presentation that would make you think that Mr. Gates made a robot double to take care of his speaking engagements. You still see Bill and his personality, but that becomes a strength instead of a weakness.

His images are clear and powerful. He simply explains some pretty complicated stuff. And he connects with the audience.

The lesson here is that if Bill Gates can get better, so can you. It takes work, passion, and time, but you too can be cool like Bill Gates.

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