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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"I Got You Babe"

Have you ever felt like Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day" when you get up to preach on Sunday morning? If you don't know, Bill Murray finds himself trapped in one day (groundhog day) and unable to escape. Every time he wakes up it's exactly the same day and he's the only one who knows.

Sometimes preaching can feel like this. We're the only ones who seem to be aware of the changes - we keep saying different things and it seems like the church responds the same way every time.

Now I'm saying that sometimes it can feel like this, not that it is actually like this. When we get to the point where it feels like we're spinning our wheels, it might be time to get some distance. Take a break. Take a week off (it's ok, the world won't end). Stay at church but let someone else preach. Mentor younger leaders.

How do you break the cycle? How do you rejuvenate?


Anonymous said...

This is one reason why ministers need to attend seminars, lectureship, etc...that offer more than just more head knowledge. Head knowledge is important but the soul needs renewal as well. I have also found that it helps to have a regular community of people who share your same struggles. In Ithaca, NY I was part of a wonderful groups of ministers/pastors who met every other week for prayer and fellowship. It was always a time of renewal.

Grace and peace,

K. Rex Butts

James Wood said...

Great point, Rex. As ministers we need to seek renewal so that we can offer that renewal to the church. I see it as us standing in the doorway holding open the door to the throneroom of God.