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Thursday, February 04, 2010

In Your (type)Face!

Seth Godin points out that the Typeface that you use says a lot about you. He says:
If you send me a flyer with dated, cheesy or overused type, it's like showing up in a leisure suit for a first date. If your website looks like Geocities or some scammy info marketer, I won't even stay long enough to read it.
Ow, that's brutal, but accurate. He goes on to say that you should develop a suite of about four fonts that you use all the time. Seriously. I know it sounds boring, but it will provide a lot of continuity and connection between everything you do.

You should have a title font, a body font, and no more than two accent fonts. I like to use a serif font (one with the lines on the top and bottom of the letters) for the title font and then a san-serif (without serifs) font for the body. Then usually a bold and an italic font for the accents.

What font tips do you have?

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