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Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to Present Like Steve Jobs ... Sorta

Below you'll see a presentation about how to be just like Steve Jobs when you grow up. Ok, maybe not just like him, but it does detail some of the aspects of his presentation style. Note: there are just a couple naughty words in there, you've been warned.

Basically it breaks down into three steps:
1. Create the Story
2. Deliver the Experience
3. Practice

Stevie-Jay pulls together a compelling story that engages people. He's not just launching a new product. He's giving people their place in an epic tale.

Next he focus on delivering an experience. Instead of just telling us about the new iPhone or iPad, he creates emotionally charged moments that kick our brains into overdrive. Information is quickly lost in our overstimulated minds, but an experience will stay with us.

Finally, he practices. A lot. A whole lot. They say that he practices for months for his product launches and for a couple days solid leading up to the event. Also they say that it takes 90 hours for a 30 slide presentation. So I guess what I'm saying is, you're better than Steve Jobs. You put together a sermon every week and still do all your other things. But, the more we practice, the better we will be. Obviously preachers need to find a balance between practice and ministry.

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