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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Takin' it to the Streets

Google's Street View is good for more than just seeing where you're going when you need to find that new Thai place. It can also offer some great images for presentations. I got this idea from Slides that Stick, and today Google released some images from Vancouver in anticipation of the Olympics. Check out the view from the peak of Whistler.

The trick here is to click the link in the upper right that allows you to go to full screen. And then when you've adjusted the frame so it has the picture you want, you can stop moving your mouse to get the lines to disappear. Then hit the Print Scrn button on your keyboard (usually on the top row, right area near the Num Lk key). That makes a copy of your screen to the clipboard and then you can paste it into PowerPoint (or your application of choice) and crop away the unneeded bits.

Not too shabby. What street image do you want to use?

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