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Monday, February 22, 2010

Something Old, Something New

A while ago, Garr Reynolds blogged about the "death of PowerPoint" and looked at how much damage PowerPoint has done in it's short history.

Suggesting we abandon PowerPoint because it's often (usually?) misused and abused to produce awful presentation visuals is like saying we should dump the idea of 24-hour cable news because so much of it is vacuous rubbish. But whether we’re talking about bad TV or boring presentations, shouldn't we blame the content producers not the content medium?

However, PowerPoint often makes it easy to produce mind-numbing slides. It's basic layout and design structure practically beg you to use bullet points to share your information. The problem isn't the tool, but the tool definitely contributes to the problem.

I usually ignore all of the "helpful" suggestions that the software throws at me.

How about you?

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