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Friday, February 19, 2010

Photo Gathering and Editing #5

Placing a Photo in a Presentation

Having a great photo is the first step, but now you need to put that photo into your presentation.

This is one place where the rules are just guidelines. If you spend some time looking at really good presentations you will see some trends emerge.

Use more images and less text. Have your images take up the whole slide or a great deal of the slide. For some reason PowerPoint thinks you should put your images in a frame within the slide. PowerPoint is wrong. You should expand your image so it fills the whole slide in most cases. Then if you need some text to explain what's going on - use just a few words.

Quotes are a different case. When you quote it can be effective to have an image of the person being quoted and then the quote.

Basically, you should work to have your images speak for themselves as much as possible.

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