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Monday, February 08, 2010

Who Really Needs to Read This?

I've been thinking a lot lately about the audience of this blog. First of all, thank you. I really appreciate you reading my blog. I hope that what I have to offer is useful to you.

I think that there's a problem with this blog's audience though. Well, not with the audience, but with who is not in the audience. The odds are pretty good that is a preacher is subscribing to blogs about PowerPoint in preaching, that preacher is pretty tech savvy already. But the preachers that really need to learn how to incorporate visuals into their sermons are the ones not checking blogs.

The other group that needs to learn about this stuff is in school right now. College and seminary students who are training to be preachers need to be trained in the technology side of preaching. So much of my training was focused on working with the text (and rightfully so), but I had zero training in using technology and very little training in basic public speaking skills. It's not enough to train young preachers to interpret Scripture, they must be able to communicate.

Do you have any thoughts on spreading the word to the people who really need it?


kingdomseeking said...


I noticed on his most recent syllibis that Dr. Oster has shorted the page/word requirements for the research paper in exchange for adding an assigment that requires the student to make a small presentation on the subject of his/her research paper utilizing technology (power-point, video, web-animation, etc...). He has chosen to do this recognizing the importance that technology plays in the preaching and teaching of scripture nowdays. I think it is a pretty wise and innovative idea on his part.

Grace and peace,

K. Rex Butts

James Wood said...

That is fantastic news! Thanks for sharing that, Rex. I don't want to appear overly critical of the seminary process. I think it's great, but it just needs to catch up in a few areas - good job Dr. Oster.