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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I am the Church Whisperer

Have you seen Cesar Millan? He's the "Dog Whisperer" on the National Geographic Channel. On the show he helps people with dogs that are "hopeless" by rehabilitating the dogs and training the people. It's really uncanny to watch Cesar walk up to a dog that has been near wild and just with his presence, calm them down.

What I've learned about being a dog owner for Cesar is huge. Dogs want a pack leader who is calm and assertive. So my job is to provide that calm, assertive influence for my dog, and she is happy and comfortable.

But now I'm thinking more and more about my energy. It's obvious that dog can pick up on the energy of people - they notice a thousand non-verbal cues and can often read us better than we can read ourselves. Body language is huge. The majority of communication happens through body language, but often we can't control it. We can't consciously work on all of the separate things that go into body language. But we can work on our energy, as Cesar calls it. If we are calm and assertive when we step up to preach, that energy will translate into our posture, our gestures, our tone, and everything else we do.

Are you the leader of your pack?

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